Florist Moore, County Treasurer

Effie Marlow, County President

Front- Ora Thurness, Nola Hamson, Mrs. John Furby, Mrs. Earl Myers, Mrs. Clarence McCauley, Mrs. Addison Hapenan, Mrs. Linus Keifer

Rear- Mrs. Russell Pasley, Mrs. Forest Brown, Mrs. Ted Draege, Mrs. Everett Atkinson, Mrs. Mort Beal, Mrs. James Fields, Mrs. John Kent, Mrs. Foster Scrivner, Mrs. Richard Donoho, Mrs. Voris Coil

Attended AFBF Annual Meeting

"A" rating 4-H winners

Donna Jean McDonald, Janice Chaney, Carol McPaul, Sharelle Byars, Sylvia Hamilton, Marjorie Foreman, Sandra Breeze, and Brenda Lankford 

4-H State Fair representatives

Carol McPaul, Sharelle Byars, Jean Ann Beal, Sylvia Hamilton, and Janice Chaney 

4-H Dog Show

Front row - Donnie Moyer, Gloria Jean Tucker, Bobby Greene, Jimmie Philp, Patsy Williamson, Benny Bicanich

Standing - Mrs. Joe Reynolds, judge, Danny Peterson, Jimmy Myers, Marlin Greer, and Leonard Greer 

Brook Irwin, Mary L., Lena K., Erma H., Hazel Morris, Bonnie Hopkins 

Mrs. Earl Bechtel of Belle Rive receives silver dollar necklace 

Jefferson County Home Bureau 17th Annual Meeting 

County Chairman, Effie Marlow, ready to serve tea 

County Vice Chairman, Mary M. Bundy and her first grandchild 

First row - Goldie McClusky, Pansy Thompson, Gertie Hutchison, Doris Wallace, Helen Smith

2nd row - Florence Merret, Helena Spilman, Nina Warren, Maggie Reynolds, Jetta Harris

3rd row - Leona Wangler, Alverda tate, Lucille Dennis, Ruby Stephens, Anna Callahan, Bessie Cariell, Martha Stephens, Nellie Lowry

Jefferson County Farm Bureau Women captured first place in the American Farm Bureau Federation's competition.  

Upper left - Mrs. Earl Myers, Texico; Extreme left - Mrs. Voris Coil, Keenes;  Lower left - Mrs. Russell Pasley, Bluford; Upper right - Mrs. John Furby, Bluford; Lower right - Mrs. Richard L. Donoho, Bluford