Summersville Unit October 16 meeting 

Past Presidents Meeting on October 30

Hill Top Unit November 14 meeting 

Waltonville Unit December 4 meeting 

Homemakers bus trip to St. Louis Municipal Opera 

4-H article in newspaper - note 600 members 

Mayor Lewis proclaims 4-H Week 

Alan Estes, 4-H Member story 

Pat Dowler, 4-H member story 

Mark Dennan, 4-H member going to National Safety Congress in Chicago 

Texico Top Notchers 4-H members

Stephanie Smith, Gina Staley, Wilda Sue Jackson, Michelle Wilson 

Gina Bowden, 4-H song leader 

Diana Marlow, 4-H Member 

Members who attended Annual Meeting in Urbana were Roba Samford, Treasa Brookman, Oma Jones, Advisor, Myrtle Beal, Mae Wangler and Opal Ratliff 

Field Unit member Florence Tate gave the lesson "Selecting Your Garment with Design & Texture in Mind" 

Field Unit members 

Front - Alberta Threat, Elizabeth Wilson, Gloria Maghee, Cora Burk, Viola Minor, Peggy Stirwalt

Back - Louise Keele, Myrtie Hanes, Oleta Shafer, Rita McKinney, Dorothy Wood, Sadie Howard, Lillian Myers 

Field Unit member Sandra Smith preparing three different casserole dishes using soya substitute. 

The largest dogwood tree in Illinois is located at the Union Chapel Cemetery at Texico, Illinois (home to many of the Field Unit members)

Field Unit members Oleta Flack, Alberta Threatt & Gloria Duncan were instructors for a County Wide Candy Making lesson. 

Field Unit Officers for 1973-1974