Mayor Rolland Lewis & County Board Chairman Richard England sign proclamations for Homemakers Extension Association Week 

Young Mothers Unit article in newspaper 

Morning Glories Unit article in newspaper 

Hill Top Homemakers Unit article in newspaper 

Young Homemakers Unit article in newspaper 

Officers (back row) Sharon McDonough, 2nd VP; Mary Sue Wood, citizenship & safety chairman; Kathy Schroader, recreation; Freida Kone, cultural arts; Barbara Williams, young homemaker; Tammy Shelton, public relations.

(front row) Peggy Elliott, special activities; Doris Atkinson, international; Avonelle Richardson, treasurer; Doris Troutt, 1st VP; Colleen Richards, secretary; Shirley Gregory, public relations; Joan Kent, chairman

JoAnna Connaway and Lena Cross

Charter members recognized at Annual Meeting 

Past Presidents Club

Fern Drew, Alberta Threatt, Edith Oliger, Nell Hawkins & Treasa Brookman 

Susan Phelp is advertising 4-H with grandmother, Ileeta Phelp in the background

Belle Rive Unit article in newspaper 

Campground Unit article in newspaper 

Happy Homemakers Unit article in newspaper 

Mt. Vernon Day Unit article in newspaper 

Ina Unit article in newspaper 

Van Dorn Unit article in newspaper 

Boyd Unit article in newspaper 

Waltonville Unit article in newspaper 

Yeast Bread Demonstration 

Kim Nehrkorn, Martin's Super Foods Home Economist,  Fran Smith, Director of Consumer Affairs of Universal Food Corp, Marjorie Kimble and her daughter,, Karen.  Marjorie was Food and Nutrition Director on the Homemakers Extension Assoc. Board 

Unit Chairmen - Aletha Edmison, Young Homemakers; Wilma Kimmel, Town & Country; Pat Douglas, Van Dorn; Edna Weigand, Hill Top; Ferne Drew, Camp Ground; Georgina Pack, Happy Homemakers; Dorothy Gum, Morning Gloried; Marie Wyciskalla, Waltonville; Doris Troutt, Crafty Ladies 

1986 4-H Federation Officers

(seated) Jeffrey Williams, treasurer; Marla Tolley, president; Susan Philip, Vice President; Jenna Johnson, secretary (standing) Alan Laird, reporter/historian; Gretchen Lamke, song leader; Kristy Sodders, program chairman; Heather Stich, recreation chairman

Treasa Brookman of the Belle Rive Unit was elected to the IAHCE Board as Cultural Arts, Textiles and Clothing Director

Avonelle Richardson with blue and red ribbons for the Town & Country Unit at the Annual Meeting