Carolyn Stevens,  Chairman of the Ina Homemakers Unit, presents a check to Pam Fitzgerrell, to help her with a trip to Washington DC 

Georgene Pack, Marjorie Schuchardt, Mildred Heintz and Oma Jones, Jefferson County Extension adviser, present a check for the Don Lee Extension Center 

Georgia Shurtz presents a check to Lucille Laird in memory of her deceased husband, Carl H. Shurtz, for the Don Lee Extension Center 

Receiving the title to the land for the Don Lee Extension Center are Ken Willoughby,  Mrs. Max Stull, one of the land sellers,  Sandra Burke, and Jim Laird 

Young Mothers Unit discussing fund raising for the proposed Don Lee Extension Center 

Nina Dare, Maxine Hutton, Laura Skorch and Roba Samford met to finalize plans for Creative Days

Larry Wachtel,  Marjorie Schuchardt, Roba Samford,  and Evelyn Drennan attend the State Extension Conference 

Beth Stubblefield accepts $100 donation from Royal Story of the Kiwanis Club 

Ground breaking for the Don Lee Extension Center 

Breaking ground for the Don Lee Extension Building 

Those who attended the Southern Illinois Homemakers Camp were (standing) Roba Samford, Freda Kone, Marjorie Schuchardt, Clotine Rowe, Mary Hertenstein, Margaret Bullock, Georgene Pack, Idabell Rightnowar, Lucy Harlan and Leah McPherson (front) Dorothy Hodge, Louise Clark, Alberta Threatt, Evelyn Harlan and Oma Jones 

Participated in overnight camping for homemakers were Roba Samford, Myrtle Beal, Geraldine Mahnke, Maxine Hutton, Nina Dare, Oma Jones, Mildred Loehr and Helen Gregory 

Marjorie Schuchardt and Alberta Threatt 

Officers - Louise Keele, Alberta Threatt, Evelyn Harlan, Marjorie Schuchardt, Nina Dare, Joan Kent, Laura Skorch, Glenda Blaydes and Veda Parker 

Louise Keele, ______, Alberta Threatt, Sandra Burk, Joan Kent, Laura Skorch, Marjorie Schubart, Veda Parker 

Charter Members

________, Joann Connaway, __________, Georgia Shurtz, Myrtle Hanes, Ileta Phelp, Muriel Badger, __________, ___________

Past Presidents

Nell Hawkins, ________, Marjorie Schubart, Nina Dare, __________, Lavon Kiele, Muriel Badger, Martha Foster, __________, Kalea Samford 

Margaret Schuhart, Joyce Brown 

________, Marjorie Schubart, Veda Parker, _______, _________, __________, _________, __________, __________, __________, ___________, _____________