Marjorie Schuchardt, president, Nina Dare, retiring president, Anna Betty Huck and Oma Jones at Annual Meeting 

Iva Newman, Jaunita Kelley, Irma Zeigler, Pansy Thompson, Alice Glass, May Baskin, Lucille Dennis, Bessie Coriell, Grace Baxter, Venita Schrum - members of Mt. Vernon Evening Unit 

Mt. Vernon Evening Unit 

1974-1975 Officers

Naomi Scott, Marjorie Schuchardt, Freda Kone, Opal Wood, Veda Parker, Edith Oliger, Myrtel Beal, Alberta Threatt

Nina Dare, outgoing President, Representative John C Hirschfeld, speaker at 1974 Annual Meeting, Marjorie Schuchardt, new President

Nina Dare, President with Lucille Dennis, Homemaker of the Year 

Charter Members 

Margaret Schuchardt, Edith Oliger, _____, Nina Dare 

Southern Illinois Homemakers Camp

held at 4-H Camp, Lake West Frankfort

The Committee - (back row) Roba Samford, Jefferson County; Dilly Dick; Blanche Mosby; Janet Willmann, St. Clair County; Marilyn Dry, Johnson County; Edna Kirsch;  Mary Lou Holshouser, St. Clair County (kneeling) Linda, Virginia Short, Wayne County; Ruby Kirsch, Union County

Southern Illinois Homemakers Camp

The costume judges' final decision!

Santa's Gift Shop 

Santa's Gift Shop