1997 Conference

Front - Sidney Laird, Tina Trotter, Imogene Lamczyk

Middle - Barb Neal, Betsy Baird, Leatrice Angle, Vivian Scott,  Barb Rael

Back - Jill Neuner, Betty Smith, Treasa Brookman 

Betsy Baird at the Southern Illinois Homemakers Craft Camp held in DuBois, Illinois 

Homemakers Craft Camp 

Virginia Mueller, Dave Mason, Jane Molt, _______, Treasa Brookman 

Oma Jones presenting Georgette R. Lopez with the Past President Scholarship. Imogene Lamczyk is in the front. 

The 54th Annual Meeting was held on May 8 at the Rolland Lewis Building.  Front - Elsie Scheer & Carol McCombs of the "Beardstown Ladies" and Trudy Freidinger

Back - Sidney Laird, Imogene Lamczyk, Betty Smith, Treasa Brookman, Jill Neuner 

April 1997 Spring Advisory Meeting

Diane Hultgren, Sidney Laird, Treasa Brookman, Betty Smith, Imogene Lanczyk, Barbara Neal 

Fall Advisory Meeting

Maxine Jones, Martha Payne, _____, _______, ________

54th Annual Meeting

Front - Elsie Scheer, Carol McComb, Trudy Freidinger, Jill Neuner

Back - Carolyn Stevens, Leatrice Angle, Joan Kent, Shirley Williams, Ann ganieany 

Assembling program books -

Betty Smith, Betsy Baird, Pat Douglas, Jill Neuner 

Kathryn Severs 

Sweatshirt Class

Front - Treasa Brookman, Back - Kathryn Severs, Barbara Neal, __________, _____________

Alice French, Leatrice Angle, Treasa Brookman, Lydia Barza 

Jill Neuner - front, Treasa Brookman - back 

Freda Kone, Betty Smith 

Leatrice Angle, Lela Pierce 

Barbara Neal, Freda Kone, Carolyn Stevens, Alice French, ______, Ann Ganieany  making Christmas Trees 

Lydia Garza, Jill Neuner, Avonelle Richardson at Stain Glass class 

Sally Simpson, Mary Lee Stanfield, Jill Neuner, Peggy Elliott, Kay Lisenby, Lydia Garza at Necktie Angel class 

Betty Smith, Betsy Baird, Shirley Williams, Imogene Lamczyk 

Sidney Laird & granddaughter sell quilt raffle tickets at the 4-H BBQ

Maxine Jones & Barbara Neal sell quilt raffle tickets at Hucks travel Center 

Betty Reece and Alice French sell quilt raffle tickets at K-Mart 

Betty Smith, Ann ganieany, trudy Freidinger, Barbara Neal at Cookout at Times Square Mall

Betty Smith & Betsy Baird at Cookout at Times Square Mall 

Apple Pie Baking Contest

Betsy Baird, President, presents awards to Janette Cates, Champion; Treasa Brookman, Runner-Up; & Sidney Laird, Second Runner-Up 

Apple Pie Baking Contest

Betty Smith, Diane Hultgren, Treasa Brookman, Barbara Neal, Jill Neuner, Betsy Baird, Janette Cates, Carolyn Stevens, Sidney Laird 

Leatrice Angle checks a teddy bear which will be given to a child in a time of crisis. 

Hazel Heckler distributed Comfort Bears to local emergency agencies 

Stuffed animals were donated to The Amy Center

Front - Mike Neal, grandson of Barbara Neal

Second row - Julie Hiltibidall administrative assistant; Cindy Jank, executive director; Danny Sells, advocate, Jeff McElroy, advocate & Letrice Angle

Back row - Amy Barton, advocate & Barbara Neal 

Leatrice Angle donating bears to Litton Ambulance 

Carolyn Stevens, Joan Kent, Ann Ganieany, Barbara Neal work on cookbooks 

4-H Food Stand

Brenda Fowler and Martha Payne of the Ina Unit

Kathy Oliger of the Belle Rive Unit 

Ollie Summers, Susie Cross, _____ of the Belle Rive Unit 

Shirley Williams of the Young at Heart Unit 

Kathryn Severs, Pat Douglas, _______ of the Van Dorn Unit 

Carolyn Stevens & Barbara Neal 

Officers Training

Front - Betsy Baird, Betty Smith, Tina Trotter, Trudy Freidinger, Sidney Laird, Barbara Neal, Carolyn Stevens

Back - Jill Neuner, Treasa Brookman, Vivian Scott, Imogene Lanczyk 

Peggy Elliott, left, won the quilt at Santa's Gift Shoppe. At right is Leatrice Angle. 

Pat Douglas & Wilma Kimmel 

Vivian Scott 

Joan Kent & Ann Ganieany at Santa's Gift Shoppe 

Tina Trotter wearing new bib clips made by Jill Neuner 

Relaxing at State Conference

Tina Trotter, Betty Smith, Leatrice Angle, Carolyn Stevens, Ollie Summers 

Ina Unit

Bernice Johnson, Doris Taylor, Martha Payne, Kecia Allen, Cassandra Wolf, Brenda Fowler, Ann Ganieany 

Young at Heart Unit 

Betsy Baird, Incoming President with Imogene Lamczyk, Outgoing President