Rosemary Holloway, Betty Smith, Mae Sumner at Santa Gift Shoppe held November 14, 1998

Joan and John Kent at Santa Gift Shoppe 

Helen Tate, Diane Boyd, Roberta Copple and Ora Lee Davis at Santa Gift Shoppe

Juanita Morgan, Kathryn Severs, Carlyn Hirons and Pat Douglas of the Van Dorn Unit at Santa Gift Shoppe

Shirley Williams (seated) leads singing and Mae Sumner assists at Nature Trail Nursing Home 

Amy Newell, Margaret Nathlich, Rosemary Holloway, Jane Maynor, Virginia Keef, Mae Sumner of the Young At Heart Unit meeting at the McMackin House in Salem, IL

Newspaper article on Belle Rive Unit meeting 

Ruth Gibson, Mae Sumner and Margaret Nathlich, Young at Heart Unit  hostesses for the 4-H Club which they sponsored 

Illeta Phelp holding the afghan she made which was entered in the Best of Show at the IAHCE State Conference 

Jill Neuner and Helen McCormick holding the rug they made which was entered at Best of Show at IAHCE State Conference 

Newspaper article regarding Valentine Tea and Membership Workshop held during HCE Week 

Annual Meeting 

                                    May 4, 1998

Annual Meeting 

                                    May 4, 1998 

Young at Heart Unit members 

Ann Ganianey, Jill Neuner, Leatrice Angle 

Barbara Neal, Peggy Elliott 

Betsy Baird and Treasa Brookman 

Maxine Meyers at Homemakers Craft Camp 

Rosemary Holloway at Homemakers Craft Camp 

IAHCE State Conference 

Vivian Scott, Carolyn Stevens, Barbara Neal, Leatrice Angle, Jill Neuner, Treasa Brookman, Betsy Baird (back row)

Betty Smith, Sidney Laird, Tina Trotter, Imogene Lamczyk (front row)

Board leaving for IAHCE State Conference 

"Care Critters" delivered to Litton Ambulance Service

Leatrice Angle, Tina Trotter, Bill Tucker and Angie Litton of Litton Ambulance, Jill Neuner, Shirley Williams 

Newspaper article regarding Comfort Bears donated to Litton Ambulance 

Mayor Mark Terry signing a Proclamation for HCE Week 

Betty Smith, Treasa Brookman, Betsy Baird (standing)

Newspaper article regarding HCE support of Cooperative Extension Service 

Annette Campbell and Betsy Baird 

Young at Heart meeting article in newspaper 

Hill Top Unit members Gertrude Clemens and Betty Scott at Santa Gift Shoppe 

Homemakers Craft Camp 

Homemakers Craft Camp