IHEA Week article from newspaper

Dorothy Gym, of Morning Glories Unit, helped sign up 34 new members 

Barbara Neal, Citizenship/Safety Chairman, is helping with demonstration on Safety 

Rev. Paul Widicus, Doris Troutt & Juline Fox, both Homemakers, participated in a booth on fire safety 

Oma Jones, Extension Adviser, retires on March 31 after 30 years 

17 members attended the State Conference 

Kim Nehrkorn Lietz instructs Shirley Gregory & ____________ on how to wrap a spring roll 

Lisa Hayes, Town and Country Unit, tries eating with chop sticks 

Tammy Shelton & Shirley Gregory preparing for awards ceremony at Annual Meeting 

Barbara Williams of Young Homemakers Unit introducing Abraham Lincoln at Annual Meeting 

Isabel Sherfield, District 6B Director, prepares to install officers 

Barbara Williams, of Young Homemakers, teaches cake decorating to Brownie Girl Scout Troop 

Eloise Turrel at Dodds School showing slides on Korea 

Treasa Brookman and Myrtle Beal work on quilt for the 1988 Santa Gift Shoppe 

Hilltop Unit members