Young Homemakers Unit 

Young Homemakers Unit 

Ruby Bullock

                           Co-Chairman 1971-1972

Margaret Bullock joined Home Extension in 1960. Served as Secretary/Treasurer for 2 years, served as 2nd Vice Chairman for 2 years, recreation chairman for part of a year, Co-Chairman in 1971-1972 

Freda Kone joined Hommemakers in 1957.  Served as 1st Vice Chairman for 2 years, editor of scrapbook 1971-1972

Doris Atkinson 

                              Co-Editor of scrapbook 


Joined Young Homemakers Unit in 1964.  2nd Vice Chairman from 1964 to 1966, Unit Chairman fro 1968 to 1971, County 2nd Vice Chairman 1968 to 1970, County Chairman 1970 to 1972  

Roba Samford and Margaret Bullock 

Flossie Harriman

                               Member for 26 years 

Florist Moore

                               Member for 24 years 

Pearl Thomason

                              Joined Homemakers in 1954

Mae Wangler 

               The hat is made from fresh vegetables!!

Ruth Johnson

      Member of Homemakers Unit for 22 years 

Carrie Neal dressed Indian style for our membership meeting at the Game Farm. 

Louise Piper, Myrtle Beal, Roba Samford and Oma Jones at Annual Meeting in Urbana, IL

Scrapbook competition winners: Evelyn Highsmith of the Campground Unit, 1st place; Louise Piper, Van Dorn Unit, 2nd place; Helen Scrivner, Belle Rive Unit, third place 

Myrtle Beal, left, is  presented a silver tray for Outstanding Homemaker Extension member of the year by Nina Dare 

Homemaker Extension Officers 1971-1972

Front row - Naomi Scott, Mary Douthit, Judy Hayse, Edith Oliger, Opal Wood, Nina Dare

Back row - Pauline Dobbs, Myrtle Beal, Mae Wangler, Dorothy Wood, Peggy Stirewalt 

Mary Hertenstein, Phyliss Yearwood, Lorene Prasuhn 

Margaret Trotter 

Making gifts for Santa's Gift Shoppe 

Mildred Loehr 

Leah and Leota Ward 

Leota Ward 

Marget Bullock 

Pearl Thomason, Lucille Laur, Margot Trotter 

Roba Samford, Freda Kone, Joan Kent 

Louise Cameron 

Joan Kent 

Joan Kent, Mae Wangler, Pat Courtney 

Mildred dressed for contest 

Larry Wachtel honored for 4-H work 

Jamaican 4-H'er spends time with Jim Laird family 

Clover 4-H club 

Carolyn Dagg receives 4-H diamond clover award from Teresa Doherty 

Leota Ward, Florist Moore, E. Moss 

Mildred Loehr, Roberta Copple, Pat Courtney 

Young Homemakers Unit member 1979-1980 

Eloise Turrell 

Jefferson County Homemakers Creative Days at Times Square Mall, October 21, 1978 

Jefferson County Homemakers Creative Days at Times Square Mall, October 21, 1978 

Freda Kone and Carol Myers 

Freda Kone, Carol Myers, Louise Cameson 

Joan Kent, Freda Kone, Louise Cameson, Carol Myers 

Evelyn Harlan and Joan Kent 

Mary Hertenstein, Pearl Thomason, Rita Compton 

Mildred Loehr, Lillie Weatherford, Joan Kent 

Young Homemakers who attended the Homemakers Camp at West Frankfort 

Roba Samford, Evelyn Harlan, Norma Settle, Joan Kent attended District Meeting in Carbondale 

Freda Kone, Scrapbook Editor 1972-1973 

Roberta Copple - joined Young Homemakers in 1971, was 1st Vice President in 1972-1973

Mae Wangler - joined in 1968

Evelyn Harlan 

Betty Hayse, Roberta Copple and Florist Moore at the Annual Homemakers Camp at West Frankfort 

Nina Dare and Myrtle Beal with quilt that was raffled off at Santa's Gift Shop, made by county wide Homemakers members 

Members making items for Santa's Gift Shop 

Unit Members attend a salad luncheon 

Roba Samford, Mae Wangler, Margaret Bullock, Freda Kone 

Roba Samford, Nina Dare, Zulema Payne, Pauline Dobbs, Myrtle Beal and Mae Wangler attended the Citizenship Conference at the University of Illinois 

Zulema Payne, Roba Samford and Betty Kelley, State President, at the National Homemakers Extension Council Conference in Baltimore, MD

Evelyn Harlan, Pearl Thomason, Roba Samford, Louise Cameron and Roberta Copple at District Meeting in September 1972