4 Vets Breakfast at Eternal Friends in Christ Church (members worked at this)

Abby Newell donated quilt to VFW for their fundraiser (Abby on left, Sidney Laird on right)

Annual meeting officers with butterflies (Barb Shurtz, Sarah Mae Waite, Treasa Brookman, Jan Wagner, Sidney Laird, Karen Lamke, Imogene Lamzzyk, Donna Vancil, Jeanie Peek, Silvana Morss)

Barb Shurtz donating dresses to The Amy Center 

Barb Shurtz  donating hats to McClellan School

Barb Shurtz donating lids to Jason Presswood of the Waltonville VFW

Barb Shurtz, Lisa Curtis of Sunshine Center,  Mary Ann Ziarnek.   Barb and Mary Ann delivering Meals on Wheels 

Donna Vancil making a donation to Best Beginning 

Fall District Meeting in Effingham

 (standing) Barb Shurtz, Jan Wagner, Jeanie Peek, Sarah Mae Waite, Imogene Lamczyk, Sidney Laird, (seated)Karen Lamke, Vivian Scott, Donna Vancil holding "County of the Year" award, Treasa Brookman  

Sidney Laird, Karen Lamke, Jan Wagner, Julie Laur, Abby Newell, Jeanie Peek, Imogene Lamczyk Decorating float for the Waltonville Annual Veterans Day Parade 

Treasa Brookman making a donation to Family Life Church for their homeless shelter

Donna Vancil with the new printer purchased for printing the newsletter and other needs

Donna Vancil making a canned goods donation to Ruth Ann Wheeler of Epworth Methodist Church for their food pantry

Barb Shurtz, Jan Wagner, Callie Lueking (instructor) Linda Roberts and Treasa Brookman at flower arranging lesson 

Flower arranging lesson

Jeanie Peek, ???, Linda Roberts, Vivian Scott, Jan Wagner, Sidney Laird, Donna Vancil, Karen Lamke, Callie Lueking (instructor), Treasa Brookman

Percentage of flower sales profit was donated to Epworth Food Pantry (Ruth Ann Wheeler and Donna Vancil)

Friend of HCE Award given to Kingdom Seed Ministries (Donna Vancil, Sidney Laird, Monte Jo Clark)

Carol Harmes, District 5 Director installing Janice Wagner as Secretary at Annual Meeting 

Jeanie Peek receiving her CVH Award at District Meeting (Ashley Davis, State CVH Director, Jeanie, Angela Hicks, State President)

Magazines delivered to Countryside Manor 

Our float at the Waltonville Veterans Day Parade (Imogene Lamczyk, Jan Wagner, Sidney Laird riding on float, Logan Hall handing out pencils)

Waltonville Unit July Meeting at The Mule Barn in DuBois (standing - Sharmin Wagner, Jane Owens, Louise Kabat, Mary Ann Ziarnek, Imogene Lamczyk, Helen Young, Diane Laur, Julie Laur, Shirley Nadolski, sitting - Judy Sheriff, Jan Wagner, Karen Lamke, Sidney Laird, Donna Vancil, Barb Shurtz

Wreath Class - Donna Vancil, Sharmin Wagner, Janice Wagner, Kristine Dale, Liz Wynn, Linda Roberts, Karen Lamke, Jeanie Peek

Sarah Mae Waite receiving Cultural Enrichment Award from Sonya Bishop, State Cultural Enrichment Director and Angela Hicks, State President

Sarah Mae Waite donating a quilt to the Webber Township Fire Department for their fundraiser

Sarah Mae Waite with wreaths she made at wreath class 

Tina Hall, Nurse Practitioner from Skin Care Center, speaks at Annual Meeting 

Veterans day cards given to local nursing home

Donna Vancil donating quilts to The Amy Center 

Silvana Morss, Newsletter Editor, with the new printer

Jane Chapman presenting "County of the Year Award" to Sidney Laird 

Donna Vancil donating quilts to The Amy Center